"The Sporty Earbud Holder"


The history of spuds™ began early last year, when I became increasingly frustrated with the fact that the ear buds that came with my phone would never stay in my ear when trying to workout or do any other activities, never mind when sitting still. So I bought a new pair of over the ear headphones just to use at the gym, but they did not have the same high quality audio or microphone & they could not control the phone's features. So after looking high and low and exhaustively searching the internet for a solution I decided to take it upon myself to solve this problem and create an accessory that would hold my ear buds securely on my ears! My first few prototypes were created using materials that were too rigid and were not comfortable

enough to wear for very long, but they did help to perfect the final shape. After figuring out the shape I found my next prototype  

material at the hardware store. Using silicone from the tube I was able to experiment with shapes and sizes to develop it for comfort and versatility. Once the prototype was approved we began working with 3D printers to perfect the final shape for mold making. 

We are raising the money to develop the final mold, color assortment and package design. We have partnered with a development and manufacturing team that has over 30 years industry experience bringing unique products form initial concept to market. 

We are so excited to get started and have additional ides for the growth of spuds™ with other versions for specific sport activities coming soon!